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3 Reasons Why You Need Web Care!

web care plansCongratulations! You have gotten your website built and it is now “live.” With any website, there many issues which may arise. These circumstances and issues cannot be neglected…..but there is one problem: you cannot deal with it on your own, or you don’t have the time. You have the website, but now you are quickly realizing there is more work involved that you ever imagined!  We have heard your request, and have provided a solution for this dilemma! We are pleased to announce our  Web Care Plans! In this post, we will provide a few reason this is essential to your church or ministry:

1. Your website is critical to your church/ministry

Your website is a resource in which you can effectively communicate the mission and vision of your church or ministry. Additionally, your church or ministry website affords more of an opportunity to reach out to others, be found, and to express the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your church/ministry website needs to be up and running smooth continuously, and Website Care with an experienced team will can help to iron out any sudden wrinkles.

2. Generic Help

For those of you who are new to the whole idea of website management and maintenance, there are plenty of options out there for website maintenance and web care. You could opt to contact your web hosting company to do this for you, but with thousands of customers, most companies would not be able to provide the individual, one-on-one care you are desiring. This is where we come into play. We will pay attention to the details and particulars of your website and provide the help you need to keep things moving! We can even pre-schedule meetings with you to keep you in the loop, provide additional training and brainstorm possible solutions for arising wrinkles.

3. Our Help

If you are reading this post, we at Kingdom First Consulting have either built your website, or you are considering having a website for your church or ministry, but have not done so yet, due to no follow-up care and maintenance being offered. This is not an issue anymore, and we at Kingdom First Consulting have over 8 years of experience in dealing with the particular software we utilize to build our websites, therefore placing ourselves to be in prime position to keep your website functional, and running and in place to effectively communicate the love of the Lord.  Our website care plans are the agent and resource we provide to our customers keep it moving.

By now, you are asking the question, “What do our web care plans consist of?” Well, our plans of care and maintenance in the following areas for your website:

  • Software core updates
  • Priority support
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • Scheduled content management assistance
  • Support tasking
  • Network security monitoring
  • Weekly site & weekly/daily database backup

In short, we are here to ease the weight of maintaining your church or ministry website from your shoulders! Feel free to view our Web Care Plan section of the website to access and to review pricing and more details.

To make our services more meaningful and effective, we at Kingdom First Consulting only offer this service to those websites we personally have designed and built. If you are looking for someone to build your church or ministry website, look no further! We at Kingdom First Consulting build “King-sized skills for King-sized visions!” Your website is a part of your overall church and ministry vision. Let us turn your vision for a church and ministry website into reality!

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