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3 R’s of People and Relationships

3 R's of People and Relationships

People and relationships are a part of life. We come in contact with people each and every day of our lives. While driving in our cars, walking to get to one place or another, purchasing items from the store, while at work, we will come in contact with people. Take a few minutes out of your day to do some casual people watching. You will observe many, many things, guaranteed, including 3 “R’s of people and relationships, which we will discuss a little later.

One particular place you will most certainly come in contact with people is your local exercise facility, or what us common folk call a gym. People and relationships many times are re-kindled, or created at the gym.
While at the gym one day, one particular individual came up to me in the middle of my workout.

This particular individual walked up to me and stated the following: “Do you still work at the jail?” I replied, “No, I don’t, I left in June of 2017.” This individual, after my telling him this went on to state the following: “It may not be worth much, but when I was in jail 12 years ago, you were one of the most fair officers at the jail.” When this individual finished saying the aforementioned, I was initially at a loss for words, but I mustered enough words to simply reply, “Thank you.” This individual went on to state that the brief jail stay he had really changed his life for the better.

This individual was a manager at a local business and stated that now he was in the role of overseeing people. It was obvious this individual gained a greater value of people and relationships, and understood the 3 “R’s” of people and relationships.

This next point I’m about to make is a rather simple point, but a very relevant point, as it relates to people. This point, simply put is, you never know who’s watching! Did you catch that? In our daily lives, the people we come in contact with, regardless of whether or not we know them are watching us, and watching how we conduct ourselves will greatly enhance our standing with people, and help us further cultivate relationships.

I want to write this short piece to provide 3 “R’s” to keep in mind each day, as it relates to people and relationships. In Church Administration, people are the most important resource of any church or ministry! These points are relevant if work in a factory, a facility, or in a family business, or a church or ministry. People and relationships are key, and treating people properly will carry you a long way and many times affect future encounters with others. Please keep these 3 “R’s” of people and relationships in mind:

Respect reigns

This is the first of the 3 “R’s” of people and relationships. Dr. George Thompson, the founder of the Verbal Judo Institute stated the following regarding respect: “Everyone, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or gender deserves to be treated with respect.” No matter who you come in contact with, no matter where you come in contact with them, people should be respected each and every time. Aretha Franklin wrote a song called “Respect,” and small part of this song states, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.” Remember respect means a lot to everyone…..respect reigns. Don’t become complacent in the area of respect, be sure to make respect a top priority.

Remember reciprocity

The act of reciprocity goes a long way in life therefore, if you treat others right, right treatment will come back to you. If you love your wife properly, she’ll love you properly. Simply put, how you treat others will be returned to you. On the flip side, if you treat others in disrespectful ways on a regular basis, disrespect will come knocking at your door. You can call it karma, you can call it getting what you deserve, but always remember to reciprocate what it is that you are requesting, believe me, it works!

Remain Real

The saying, “Keeping it Real” has many meanings. Always be sure to remain true to who you are. When you are true to who you are, many people will recognize this, and will be able to see this for themselves. Remaining real will help to foster, develop and maintain relationships. Remaining real will ensure you are able to reciprocate, and will help you remember that respect reigns. Keep in mind others are always watching us and how we conduct ourselves as ministry assistants. People are the lifeblood of any church and ministry. Treating people properly and with respect each
time will be remembered and will affect ALL of your future encounters with them. Do you want peaceful conversations, or parasitic confrontations?

The choice is up to you…….respect reigns, but you must remember reciprocity, and remain real. Be relational, and keep in mind the significance of everyone you come in contact with while you are serving. For more information and training on this and other topics pertaining to Church Administration and operations, please visit https://kingdomfirstconsulting.com where our main aim and goal is to build “King-Sized Skills for King-Sized Visions.”

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