Administrative Training.

Administrative Training.

Kingdom First Consulting, LLC offers Administrative training and teaching sessions based upon the needs of our clients. Each training session is thorough and comprehensive to ensure we are equipping each staff member with King-Sized skills!

Interpersonal Communications

  • Interpersonal Communications in Ministry: In performing the administrative work of ministry, talking to people is at the center of what you do. Remember, its not what you say, but how you say it, as this training will demonstrate.

Financial Areas

  • How to Work With Limited Funds: Many churches and ministries are closing, due to the lack of financial resources. Learn how to function and operate your ministry or church effectively, regardless of how much funding is in the house.
  • Communicating Financial Matters With Your Congregation: Many church financial secretaries and treasurers have a difficult time communicating the finances of the congregation, to the congregation. Learn how to communicate the financial matters of your church or ministry to those who contribute their hard earned money to the ministry.
  • Communicating Financial Matters With Board of Directors/Elders Councils: Communications to the Board of Directors is critical. Learn how to communicate the finances to your board/elder’s council (if applicable).

Board of Directors

  • Little Known Bylaw Facts: There are specific parts and components of your by-laws that EVERY church or ministry should have. Learn more during this training.
  • How to Turn a “Non-Working Board” Into a “Working Board”: It’s unfortunate, but true that some church and ministry board of directors and council board members have people who may not be working. Learn tips and tools to aid and assist your board to glorify the Lord, and benefit your church.
  • What Type of Church Are You?: There are different types of churches and ministries….Learn more during this training session so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Musician/Pastoral Relations

  • Making it Better by Working Together: Pastoral and musician relationships can aid and assist in furthering the vision and mission of your respective church, but a toxic relationship between the Pastor and musicians can also be a nuisance and could be a potential hindrance to any vision and mission of your church or ministry. Learn more about how to develop a relationship of harmony and unity in this seminar.

Meeting Planning

  • Meeting Planning 2.0: Meetings are often dreaded and more likely to be avoided. Meetings, however are necessary in aiding effective planning and developing strategy. Learn tips and keys to ensure your time together is the most effective.

Time Management

  • The Importance of Time: Time is our most precious resource. Many times, we do not value time as ministry assistants like we should. This training will provide helpful tips to remind us how important time is.

Church Secretaries/Administrative Assistants

  • Help….I’m a Church Secretary/Administrative Assistant!: This teaching/training will be done by both Shiraune and Cavell Samuels, as they have  27 combined years of church administrative experience. There are many, many things church secretaries and administrative assistants deal with on a regular basis. More specifics will be covered in this training.
  • Planning Your Workday: How many times have you set out to do something, only to have your plans thrown off by the slightest disturbance? Learn how to plan your work day to gain the most out of your workday.
  • Taking Good Notes (meetings, minutes and the like): As the secretary/administrative assistant, you are often called upon to write and take notes. Learn how to take good notes during this training.
  • Effective Written Communications: Letters, Memos, proposals and emails are just examples of effective communication for ministry assistants! Be effective in your written communication with this training.

Pastoral Helps

  • An Extension of the Body: Pastoral Helps/Executive Assistant Training-As one who works closely with your Pastor/pastoral staff, it is critical to understand that you are an extension of him with everyone you come in contact with. Understand the great assignment you have been called to do in this training.
  • Being a Burden Lifter: One key component of those in the administrative area of ministry is what we call lifting burdens, more specifically administrative burdens off of your Pastors. Learn more during this training session.
  • Self-Development: The biggest investment-Many who work in ministry neglect themselves. Learn keys to self development and burn-out prevention through this training.

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