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Terms & Conditions.

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Please review our Terms and Conditions thoroughly prior to ordering any service from Kingdom First Consulting.  


A 50% down payment is due upon acceptance of quote. Complete the Get a Custom Quote form and submit it to us. Upon receipt, we will then send an estimate to you for the cost to build your website.  If you agree with the cost you then have the option to accept and render the 50% down payment to get started on the project.  We will then, forward our Website Information form to you to obtain the submit necessary information about your new website.  Upon your submission of the Website Information Form, we will then contact you  with a projected start date and estimated day of completion.
Please be as thorough as possible when describing the vision for your website. We will email you if we require any additional information, but giving us all the information we need in the beginning will help to speed up the building process.  For best practices, please gather all information you would want included in your website prior to submitting your Website Information form.
The remaining balance will be invoiced and due upon completion and satisfactory acceptance of website.
Our Web Building base rate includes one full year of hosting, domain name and free SSL certificate. We currently host our client websites and domains directly through our hosting branch Kingdom First Hosting.  Our hosting service is dedicated to clients only.  If your domain is not registered through Kingdom First Hosting, a domain transfer may be required to provide the Free SSL certificate. Different domain providers have varying requirements for SSL certification. Should you wish to stay with your domain provider you may be required to purchase and install your own SSL certificate separately if you wish to have an SSL certificate.
When your website is completed, we will also, stick right there with you for the following 30 days to ensure that you’ve got the hang of maintaining your website. Also when your website is finished and remaining balance remitted, all usernames and passwords will be handed over to you immediately. We advise you to change your passwords to something that will be simpler for you to remember. You will be invoiced for the second year of your Web hosting and domain 30 days prior to the completion of the first free year.


Quicksites are premade, prepaid, WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) themes that are lightly customized to your desired color scheme and your content. This allows for a faster turn around time (approximately 5-7 business days) and quicker live launch of your website. You are solely responsilble for the replacement images/graphics of the stock images/graphics that come with your chosen QuickSite theme. No custom graphics will be created, however, images may be resized or cropped if necessary to properly fit in a particular area of the theme. It is imperative that you are familiar with the layout of the theme chosen, as we will need content to fill the areas of the homepage and any other pages you require. Content to be uploaded must be received at the start of the QuickSite project. Shared folder access will be provided and all images and other content must be uploaded to this folder only. Delayed submission of necessary content/images/graphics will extend the completion time of your website.


Within our Official Quote form is an option for Social Media. This entails the optional creation of banners and profile images for your social media accounts.  Once completed, the images will be uploaded to a designated cloud folder for you to retrieve and upload to your social media accounts.  Your social media accounts should already be previously created.  We no longer create social media accounts as they need to be connected to your own personal or business emails. This option is not available for QuickSites.


Our Web Building  service comes with 30 days of Web Care support. However, we are available to you for any additional support with any of our Web Care Subscription Plans.   Face to face training is limited to the KF Consulting Local Area. On-Site Content Support (we’ll come to you) is included in our Web Care Subscription plans, but is limited to our “In Town” area only.  Out of town Content Support is available via Zoom/Email only.



You are fully responsible for providing any preferred unique graphics, text, photographs and logo unless you have specifically requested creation of that content via the custom quote form. The faster you get your information to us, the sooner we will be able to build your website. We will not be able to begin your website project without the submission of necessary content needed.

We prefer that you would already have content (e.g. logos, staff pictures, etc.) premade.  We do offer the option to select logo creation via our Custom Quote form.

Creation of custom graphics and logos are not available for QuickSites.


We strive to provide highest quality work to all clients, which is why we work on no more than one project at a time. We reserve up to 21 business days to complete each project, however, if there are multiple revisions, your day of completion could be extended.

Once a project is taken on, the time schedule is added to our calendar. Of course we will contact you upon receipt of your order to give you an estimated start day and projected day of completion.


Turn around time for all web projects is up to 21 business days for custom sites and 5-7 days for QuickSites. We may, however, require additional time should you order more than one website to be created, or require multiple revisions.  Projected completion time will be communicated up front in our official email upon acceptance of project. Due to the nature of our production, we generally complete web projects in less time than projected.

Providing us with all of the content at once will help to expedite the completion of your website. You will have access to view your website as we work on it, so please feel free to offer input all the while we are developing your site. We want you to be completely satisfied with your finished product.

Upon completion of your website and payment of remaining balance, you will be given the administrative username and password to have full control over your new website.


Cancellations must be made within 72 hours (3 consecutive days) of ordered custom services or bookings, and within 24 hours (1 day) of a QuickSite order as we aim to complete within 7 days. For websites, once we secure hosting and begin working, we will not be able to issue a full refund.

Upon cancellation you may keep your web hosting account and we will refund your cost minus our cost for your hosting and domain. You will be responsible, as normal, for any renewals of your web hosting and domain.

If we are unable to complete building of your website due to lack of content, we will send a notice of cancellation by which you will have 7 business days to submit all remaining content to us for completion of your website. If canceled, any deposits will be forfeited as time for work performed cannot be refunded. Should you wish to hire us to build your website after cancellation is complete, the remaining balance will be due in full and all content needed must be submitted before we will reopen the project.

Web Care Subscriptions may be canceled at anytime, but are non-refundable.

BOOKING {Training, Consulting}


Kingdom First Consulting, LLC also offers teaching and training sessions based on the needs of our clients. Prices vary based upon number of staff and location of venue. These prices are non-negotiable, however on rare occasions, and with consideration, counsel and prayer, adjustments are considered. Sessions must be booked and paid in full upon booking. View full list of fees on our website here.


Ministry Consultations take place by phone/Zoom/Facetime/Google Duo or in person if your facility is within our Local Area. Consultations outside of our Local Area will take place via phone/Skype/Facetime/Google Duo only. One (1) free 30 minute consultation will be provided for all who request church or ministry consultations. After the free initial consultation, the consultation sessions will be offered in varying rates depending on the time frames and number of participants. Please contact Kingdom First Consulting, LLC for more information and details involving long term consultation involving more than 60 or 90 minutes for churches and ministries.



For training, teaching and consulting sessions, we request that you cancel your appointment no later than 7 days prior to your appointment.  Please note Cavell and Shiraune reserve the right to cancel an out of town engagement if travel arrangements have not been made 30 days prior to the teaching/training & consulting sessions.

Reimbursement of fees will not be granted for appointments canceled later than 7 days prior to appointment.  You may however, reschedule your appointment for another time if you must cancel later than 7 days prior to your appointment.  Should you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us directly for availability


Our Portfolio:

We reserve the right to share your link on our site in order to show our works.  This in turn may provide increased traffic for our your website. However, clients may request removal of promotional links or graphics at any time.



Disclaimer & Client Affiliation

Kingdom First Consulting, LLC, or any of its subsidiaries ARE NOT attorneys, nor certified public accountants (CPA’s). The advice provided by Kingdom First Consulting, LLC IS NOT a substitute for professional help in the areas mentioned above. Services of attorneys, certified public accountants, and other professionals should always be sought out and due diligence should always be completed on the end of each church and ministry while utilizing services offered by Kingdom First Consulting, LLC.

The views and opinions expressed by our clients on our client’s websites are those of our clients and do not necessarily reflect the views of Kingdom First Consulting, LLC, its affiliates, its employees, any church or any church denomination. The information set forth herein has been obtained or derived from sources believed by the author to be reliable. However, the author does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information’s accuracy or completeness. The articles written on this site have been provided to you solely for informational purposes only.


Confidentiality is of Utmost Importance to Us:

We will not sell or release confidential information to any third party without your permission and will limit disclosure of information to where we believe that it is required to do so in response to a subpoena or other legal process, where reasonably required to do so in order to maintain, update or otherwise implement us, data security measures, equipment, technical operations, etc., or where reasonably necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities to preserve and enforce our rights.

We exercise extreme measures to protect and ensure the confidentiality of all clients and will never knowingly allow access to this information by any third party.


Policy Changes:

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.  This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or feel that your privacy has been compromised, please contact us by email to report any concerns.

Last Updated 10/2021